Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Jetson releases new video of its personal eVTOL flying over water

A Swedish electric Vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL) startup Jetson aims to make the skies available for everyone with its safe personal electric aerial vehicle. Its Jetson ONE personal electric aerial vehicle looks as futuristic as it sounds, and it is even more fascinating in flight. The company is hoping to bring a $92,000 personal flying aircraft to the market.

The innovative Jetson ONE aircraft features the race car-inspired aluminum/carbon airframe design, hands-free hover and emergency functions, a triple-redundant flight computer, and an advanced sensor for terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance. The aircraft is also equipped with a rapid-deployment parachute, just in case you’d run out of power or worse if more than a motor fails.

The Jetson ONE currently offers a flight time of 20 minutes on a fully charged battery and is able to fly at a top speed of 102 km/h (63 mph). The aircraft weighs 86 kg and is capable of flying a pilot weighing up to 95 kg. In the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says an ultra-light vehicle, which weighs less than 254 lbs (115 kg) and has a maximum speed of 63 mph, doesn’t require a pilot’s license. It also takes just a few seconds to fold the Jetson ONE to a 90 cm (35 in) width configuration.

The company recently released a stunning promotional video showing the small personal vehicle in action, flying over the desert landscape. Now, the new video of the Jetson ONE flying shows this private eVTOL could be an interesting way of enjoying water views in a different way.

However, the real fun will begin when the Jetson ONE customers get their personal aircraft and start flying it. The company says it’s already taken pre-orders for 118 personal eVTOL aircrafts and is hoping to ship the first one sometime next year.