Tuesday, May 21, 2024

IZIBoat can collapse down in 15 minutes and tow by e-bike

You can travel between cities or cross the open sea with boats and catamarans. Wherever a sail can take you, a sailboat becomes an ideal craft for traveling long distances because water transport is a relatively cheap way. However, they consume more fuel than ballast.

To overcome this problem, IZIBoat has unveiled its small and light catamaran. The IZIBoat benefits from innovative hydrodynamics and aerodynamics, which offer exceptional stability, allowing users to steer it comfortably while sitting in the middle.

The hull of the IZIBoat measures 4.8 meters (15 ft8 inches) and is designed to seat four passengers for sailing adventures. The mainsail and genoa combined provide 15.4 square meters (166 square feet) of sail area, giving a small boat some big pulls. The IZIBoat catamaran is 5.08 m (16.6 ft) long and 2.4 m (7.8 ft) wide when ready to sail, with an aluminum frame connecting the hulls and hosting an aluminum/fiber-composite mast.

IZIBoat shells are also coated with corundum beads, an extremely hard form of aluminum oxide that is highly resistant to abrasion. It allows boaters to reliably beach the ship on the sand for a smooth and confident arrival at the beach.

The IZIboat can be deployed in just one minute and easily towed by e-bike. Credit: IZIboat

The IZIBoat has four seats; when it’s unloaded, it weighs 152kg and has a maximum load capacity of up to 412kg. The sails are made of 240-gram polyester in order to favor resistance and longevity.

When folded, the IZIBoat is only 62 cm (2 ft) wide, making it compact enough to store in a garage or yard. Once assembled on the beach, which takes about 15 minutes, the sails can be deployed in just one minute and easily towed by e-bike. Removable wheels mounted on each hull side allow easy water maneuvering.

This small foldable catamaran is light, strong, durable, repairable, and easy to maintain. Submerged to its water line, the entire hull is covered with a high abrasion resistance (HRA) gel coat that effectively counters sand’s ravages.

The company says the IZIBoat can cruise up to 15 knots (17 mph) and change direction with a central joystick attached to the rudder. An electric motor is also in testing and should be added as an option in 2024.

The IZIBoat is now available for order on their official website, with a price tag of €14,250 (US$15,850) excluding tax, and deliveries are estimated to begin in April 2024.