Tuesday, December 5, 2023

igloohome Smart Padlock: Provides bank-level security

The igloohome destined to invent the most secure and versatile security system has crafted Smart Padlock. It is a remotely-managed solution that provides appropriate access control. The intelligently designed smart padlock perfectly balances the security and convenience of the user. It is the best choice for both personal and business purpose.

We generally find a replacement or call a locksmith to produce a new key to your conventional padlock if you lose. Though there are Bluetooth controlled padlocks on the market they also need an additional app on your phone. You may need Wi-Fi signal and other such hassles which will stick you outside your door.

Solution over these all hassles is igloohome designed Smart Padlock. It is user-friendly accessible anytime, anywhere and on your terms. You can grant access to your smart padlock remotely by sending PIN codes or sharing Bluetooth keys.

“It is also a perfect tool for those in the “sharing economy,” granting time-sensitive access that supports a high turnover of users.”

It is perfect for businesses like in those have different staff coming in/out, to secure trucks-eliminate the issue of pilferage or loss of goods during transport, aid property agents in sale and leasing of homes without the need to handle multiple keys at one time, and such other.

IP66 Enclosure – IP rated as “dust tight” and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

This gadget is built for IP66 certification which makes it suitable for outdoor usage.

igloohome SMart Padlock App
igloohome SMart Padlock App

Additionally, the igloohome Smart Padlock is mobile app-enabled. Users can readily monitor the access through the igloohome app. Simply create PIN codes or Bluetooth keys and can set the time duration to make it valid for.

You can send these PIN codes to your users from the app. However, if you afraid of losing your belongings then you will have peace of mind. Since you can track the date and time at which the Smart Padlock was accessed. Technically this smart padlock is amazing to update Bluetooth key access logs in real-time. Whereas, PIN code access logs are updated when the padlock owner accesses a Bluetooth key on the padlock.

“For enterprise users: Dashboard option (separate fees apply) is available for easy management of a large number of locks”

igloohome Smart Padlock utilizing for bicycle
igloohome Smart Padlock utilizing for bicycle

There are distinct PIN codes for individuals; a One-Time PIN which is perfect for single-time use, duration PIN which will set the exact time and date at which a PIN code becomes active and when it expires, recurring PIN can set easy routine access for staff and more and permanent PIN for family members and trusted users.

If you do not feel secure with PIN code then you can utilize Bluetooth key. With utilizing the igloohome app, a Bluetooth key is sent to a user later the user will download the app, registers for an account, accept the Bluetooth key and can use it to unlock the padlock.

What exactly sets the igloohome Smart Padlock apart from the conventional padlocks?

It is its innovative PIN code technology. This innovative PIN code technology enables users to grant access from anywhere and anytime without downloading the app. Through this technology, the user can get immediate access. There is no need for synchronization of the PIN codes. The PIN codes can work instantly even though the Padlock is not connected to the internet and even when the user is not in proximity to the Padlock.

The igloohome Smart Padlock provides bank-level security. The technology utilized in internet banking and RSA tokens are now integrated into a padlock. The user can receive PIN via another convenient messaging system such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, SMS, and WhatsApp.

It is devised with a concealed battery compartment, therefore, the battery is accessible only when the shackle is released to improve security. While designing the battery they equipped a low battery indicator to alert users when the battery needs replacement. It has an alternative to use external battery connecting via the emergency contact points.

igloohome Smart Padlock specifications
igloohome Smart Padlock specifications

Smart Padlock has 55 mm of width, 70 mm of length and 32 mm of depth. Whereas shackle thickness is 9mm, inner shackle width is 24mm and inner shackle height is 26mm. It weighs only 400 grams.

The smart padlock body is made from hardened steel components and shackle from hardened steel. Its battery life is one year and has an external emergency power alternative, Power CR2 Battery, which is DC 9V Alkaline Battery. It can handle temperature from -25 to 75-degree Celsius.

It is perfect for yard workers, dog walkers, for lockers, at garages, for bicycle sharing, and for many others. The Smart Padlock is sturdy and reliable which connects security and convenience.