Friday, May 31, 2024

Iberdrola completes construction of Spain’s first hybrid wind-solar plant

A Spanish multinational electric utility company, Iberdrola, has announced that it has completed the construction of Spain’s first hybrid wind-solar plant in Castilla y León, in the province of Burgos.

The new solar plant has been installed to hybridize the existing 69 MW wind plant that has been operating for several years near the municipalities of Ballestas and Casetona (BaCa).

Hybridization makes it possible to optimize the use of the grid and reduce the environmental impact of projects in the locations where they are located.

The new solar plant consists of 41 MW and 33 MW solar plants, totaling 74 MW solar facility, and has more than 120,000 photovoltaic modules. The solar modules are spread across the municipalities of Revilla Vallejera, Villamedianilla, and Vallejer.

It has had an important local component, contributing to the regeneration of the economy and employment in the community. The development of Spain’s first hybrid wind-solar plant has employed over 360 professionals.

Hybrid generation plants are a smart approach to renewable energy production, as they use the same grid connection point and share infrastructures like the substation and the evacuation line for the electricity produced. This means that even when environmental conditions change, two technologies can alternate, reducing dependence on a single resource like wind or sunshine. As a result, hybrid generation plants can facilitate more stable and efficient renewable production.

Iberdrola is also developing three photovoltaic installations with a total of 450 MW in the Villarino, Velilla, and Virgen de Areños III regions.

Spain’s first hybrid solar and wind project is now completely involved in the commissioning process.

The Iberdrola has assigned more than €40 million ($42.0 million) in funding for the implementation of the project, which combines wind and solar energy in one place.