Sunday, April 14, 2024

Hurtigruten Norway unveils concept of world’s most energy-efficient cruise ship

Oslo-based cruise and ferry company Hurtigruten Norway has unveiled the concept of their zero-emission ship of tomorrow called SeaZero.

The concept of the ship shows that it is 135 meters long and will have 270 cabins for up to 500 passengers’ capacity. The size of the ship is similar to the ships in the company’s current fleet. SeaZero’s concept design also includes a large cargo hold and the ability to transport cars.

Hurtigruten Norway’s zero-emission ship will be equipped with a 60MWh-strong battery system. Renewable energy from the sails or ports where the ship plugs in to charge is safely stored. These batteries will be free from cobalt, and that keeps nickel to a minimum.

SeaZero will integrate many features, such as wind and solar sails. Three retractable, autonomous wing rigs will enhance the aerodynamics of the ship, pulling in air currents up to a height of 50 meters for added propulsion. Solar panels will also cover these sails for a total surface area of 1,500m2.

The ship will have dozens of exterior sensors, cameras, and maneuvering aided by the onboard A.I. The size of the bridge can be slimmed down, having a setup like an airplane cockpit.

The two Hidden thrusters at the stern of the ship will retract into the hull when not needed, making the ship even more streamlined.

Hurtigruten Norway is further developing solutions allowing the ship to ‘surf’ on a carpet of air bubbles to reduce underwater drag.

Intelligent heat exchange pumps and a network of insulated distribution systems will handle heating and cooling throughout the ship. These data-driven systems will enable users to monitor and control energy use in their cabins through an app on their phones.

Sea Zero will now enter a research and development phase until 2025. The project will then advance to the new-build stage, and this ship is set to sail on the Norwegian coast in 2030.