Sunday, July 14, 2024

Honda E-Clutch, the world’s first automatic clutch control system 

A clutch is an essential component of a vehicle and plays a vital role in power transmission. It enables engagement and disengagement of rotational motion between the driving and driven shafts. The clutch is essential to the transmission system, especially when shifting gears.

However, repeatedly squeezing and releasing the clutch on the bike can cause jerkiness and instability.

Honda E-clutch branding
Honda E-clutch branding. Credit: Honda.

Japan-based automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment manufacturer Honda has unveiled the Honda E-Clutch for motorcycles, which enables smooth starting, shifting gears, and stopping without the need for the rider to operate the clutch lever.

The E-Clutch is an electromagnetic clutch; it operates electrically but transmits torque mechanically.

According to Honda research, the Honda E-Clutch is the world’s first automatic clutch control system for a multi-gear manual motorcycle transmission.

Honda E-Clutch
Honda E-Clutch speedometer. Credit: Honda.

The Honda E-Clutch uses electronic control technology to provide instantaneous, superior clutch control for optimum performance.

In situations where driving force varies, such as starting, shifting, and stopping, electronic control technology provides instant, superior clutch control, enabling smooth starting, shifting, and stopping without the need to operate the clutch lever.

Even during electronic clutch control, the rider can operate the clutch as in a normal manual transmission vehicle by holding the clutch lever. Accommodating a wide range of riders’ riding experience and skills it allows the rider to focus on the enjoyment of riding in comfort.

Since a light and compact system can be installed without significant changes to the current engine layout, Honda plans to eventually apply the Honda E-Clutch to its FUN motorcycle models in the coming years.