Friday, March 24, 2023

Helyx Bike allows you to steer both the front and rear wheels independently

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Although there are quite a few different bikes in all shapes and sizes, with or without an electric motor, the basis is usually the same. There are two wheels, of which you can move the front left and right with your steering wheel. A London-based engineer James Roberts wanted something different and started working on a different design. The result was the Helyx Bike: a flexible bike that allows you to steer both the front and rear wheels independently and thereby do all kinds of new tricks.

The twin steer bike features an option to unlock your rear wheel. This function makes it possible to steer both the rear and front wheels, which opens up new possibilities for cycling.

It features an option to unlock your rear wheel.
It features an option to unlock your rear wheel.

Guaranteed fun with Helyx Bike

Roberts promises that the bike is guaranteed to give you a lot of fun and that it is perfect for those lazy Sundays if you want to get out.

The Helyx Bike would also be great to practice all kinds of new tricks with your friends, and we certainly believe that, since you become a lot more flexible with the second steerable wheel in the back. You still use the steering wheel to guide the front wheel, while you use your legs to steer the rear wheel.

Helyx Bike Features
Helyx Bike Features

Easy to ride

It may sound like you immediately hit something when you get on the bike, but it would be fairly easy to ride the thing. The controls on the front and back would work together so that you do not suddenly have your bike tied up and fall over. You can also just lock the rear wheel when you are done with the new cycling experience.

The TIG welded steel frame is equipped with 20-inch BMX wheels and alloy v-brakes. The Helyx Bike is 160 cm (63-inch)in length and weighs around 13 kg (28 lbs) and capable of carrying the weight of 100 kg (220 lbs).

If you want to try it, you can do a pledge of ₹25,305 ( around $352) through Indiegogo. Sometime around May 2020, you would be sent the Helyx Bike to get started with your new tricks. Recently we have seen more and more surprising bikes appearing on the market. How about this bike for your children, which is very flexible in a different way.

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