Monday, May 20, 2024

Turkish firm introduced a unique weapon ‘ES-60’ against drones

New solutions are being developed against drones, which have been frequently seen on the battlefield recently due to their high availability and low costs. These UAV’s are equipped with new abilities and used for surveillance and attack. Also, they are difficult to hit with pistols and rifles due to their high flight altitudes.

Harp Arge (R&D), Turkey’s first manufacturer of electromagnetic anti-drone sounding systems, introduced its new lightweight, drone-fighting system, called “ES-60 Electromagnetic Drone Savar.” It is made using the latest antenna technology, which reduced size and weight. The ES-60, an electromagnetic shotgun, is designed to create high-speed electromagnetic interference to disrupt communication between drones and their control units and cause enemy devices to malfunction.

ES-60 Electromagnetic Drone Savar
ES-60 Electromagnetic Drone Savar

According to the company, it is an effective solution in the fight against the drone since it does not harm human health and environmental safety and produces a silent and fast result.

The new ES-60 Electromagnetic Drone Savar gun has a weight of 2.5 kg and is capable of enemy drones within 3 kilometers. The company said the newly installed antenna technology allowed it to significantly reduce the size and weight of the weapon. The firm also added that these weapons are made using more than 70% of local raw materials and will only be provided to government agencies in accordance with weapons regulations.

Harp Arge, which has developed the drone-fighting system, has recently been acquired by Ekba Holding and developed its investment network. The company started working to establish a production line under the roof of the new Ekba Holding. Mass production of the ES-60 Electromagnetic Gun will begin after the production line is completed.