Google launched “Titan Security Key”: New protection feature

A global search engine, Google, is known for its incorporation of up-to-the-minute innovative technology. Recently it has launched a security key, which will be significant to avoid cyber-attacks online. However, in the beginning, this facility will be available for the cloud retailers and will be sold through the google store as soon as practicable.

This unique key feature has been launched in two Variants. In which, one device will support Bluetooth and NFC, while the second device will be equipped with a USB port so that can be used for Laptop and Computer.

According to a report presented by the company, Google’s official security key has saved 85000 Google employees from phishing attacks in one year.

Google Cloud Product Marketing Director Jennifer Lee wrote in his blog post, “We have already been advocating the use of security key for safety, in which Claude Edmin can avoid cyber attacks via this.”

The key security features:
• This device looks analogous to a normal pen drive.
• It needs two step-verification to access.
• It will be available online starting at Rs 1500.
• You can utilize it with Facebook.

How to use this device?
First, you need to link Google Security Key with your account. For instance, link your Security Key with a Facebook account by initializing your ID and password and then apply this key to your computer. After this, even if anyone knows your password cannot access your account.

Extra verification feature:
This new Security Key feature has a provision of a PIN along with a password. The only password is not enough to log in into your account. If you complete this entire verification process can now access your account with any device. This reduces the chances of online phishing attacks.


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