Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Gazelle, Tugdock partner to reduce floating wind tech cost

Floating offshore wind platform developers Gazelle Wind Power has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Tugdock, developers of the Tugdock Submersible Platform, to co-develop a modular offshore wind assembly system that is expected to significantly reduce costs and increase production of floating offshore wind farms.

The Gazelle Wind Power’s platform design incorporates a revolutionary patented dynamic mooring system, eliminating pitch and balance movement in response to the external forces of wind, waves, and tide. The platform’s modular design also makes it scalable and adaptable, which could make it a more affordable and accessible option for deep water deployment.

Currently engaging with multiple developers, Gazelle aims to secure more than 5GW of projects to be delivered before 2035. The modularity of Gazelle’s offshore wind platform components allows for cost-effective fabrication and transportation to assembly ports adjacent to wind farms.

Additionally, the Tugdock Submersible Platform is a patented technology that supports the deployment of commercial-scale floating wind by providing a build and launch platform that overcomes port constraints. The structure uses a combination of steel frame and patented airlift bags to provide buoyancy or act as a submersible platform for lifting or launching heavy marine structures.

“Working with Tugdock, we have the ideal way to assemble our modular platform using minimal port space. While the Gazelle platform possesses a naturally low draft, there are significant benefits to assembling the modules on the Tugdock platform, which doubles as the assembly fixture and launch method, speeding up platform assembly and getting our platform into the water in a safe and cost-effective way,” commented Jon Salazar, CEO of Gazelle Wind Power.

“This partnership is driving the production rates up and costs down. Our vision is to be the benchmark for Floating Offshore Platforms across global markets and make a significant contribution to net-zero goals. This new collaboration is a significant step on that journey.”

The two companies will be working on Italy’s largest offshore wind farm, the Molise Offshore Wind Farm project in the Adriatic Sea. The project will involve installing 70 wind turbines in the Adriatic Sea, with a total capacity of 1.05 GW. The wind farm will occupy an area of 219 square kilometers, and the turbines will be placed in water depths ranging from 88 to 126 meters. The launch of the first platform is scheduled for January 2028.

“This pioneering partnership combines the advantages of two innovative modular technologies that complement each other perfectly. This represents a game-changing solution for developers and a major step forward for offshore renewable energy,” said Shane Carr, CEO of Tugdock.