Friday, February 23, 2024

World’s biggest offshore wind farm will use GE’s Haliade-X 14MW turbine

GE Renewable Energy has won a contract to supply turbines for the next phase construction of the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, located around 130 km (80 miles) off the coast of England.

At 3.6GW, Dogger Bank will be the largest wind farm in the world, capable of generating enough renewable power to provide around 5% of the UK’s electricity demand. It is being built in three 1.2GW phases; Dogger Bank A, B, and C.

The Haliade-X 13 MW offshore wind turbine will be used in the first two phases of the UK’s Dogger Bank Wind Farm, with a total of 190 units to be installed starting in 2023. GE’s 14MW Haliade-X – an upscaled version of the 13MW Haliade-X and the most powerful turbine in operation today – will follow and will feature as part of phase C of the Dogger Bank project. Both versions feature a 220-meter rotor, a 107-meter blade, and digital capabilities.

According to the company, one Haliade-X 14 MW turbine can generate up to 74 GWh of gross annual energy production, saving up to 52,000 metric tons of CO2, which is the equivalent of the emissions generated by 11,000 vehicles in one year.

The installation of the turbines for Dogger Bank C is set to begin in 2025, ahead of the completion of the overall project in 2026. This will mark the first installation of the world’s most powerful wind turbine in operation to date at what will be the world’s biggest offshore wind farm.

John Lavelle, President & CEO, Offshore Wind at GE Renewable Energy, said, “Dogger Bank C will use a 14MW version of the Haliade-X, the most powerful offshore wind turbine in operation today. In doing so, this unique project will both continue to build on the UK’s leadership in offshore wind and serve as a showcase for innovative technology that is helping to provide more clean, renewable energy.