Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Ford unveils an eight-seater SUV, Expedition Timberline

American car manufacturing company Ford has unveiled the Expedition Timberline, an eight-seater, oversized, extremely capable sport utility vehicle.

The new 2023 Expedition Timberline adds many functional off-road gear without compromising the valuable versatility of a truck-based SUV.

The Ford Expedition Timberline is equipped with rear-wheel drive with an option for intelligent four-wheel drive. The SUV is powered by a 3.5L V6 high output engine that gives up to 440 horsepower and 510 lb-ft (691 Nm) of torque to a 10-speed automatic transmission on a standard Timberline.

The Expedition Timberline features a rough road suspension that delivers unique and premium off-road shocks, tuning, and best-in-class 270mm ground clearance, as well as an Antilock Brake System (ABS) with Ford Trail Control that provides excellent traction off-road.

The SUV is equipped with sensors to determine wheel speed when braking. If one of the wheels starts to lock up, it will apply the maximum brake to that wheel to keep it sliding.

The interior of the Ford Expedition Timberline features eight-passenger seating with an option for leather-trimmed heated and ventilated front-row captain’s chair, second-row heated seats, and third-row power reclining seats, including USB ports in all three rows and a wireless charging pad.

Additionally, the SUV is equipped with a 12-inch center stack screen that offers built-in navigation, conversational voice recognition capability, and more.

The Ford Expedition has a wheelbase of 122.5 inches, and the SUV measures 210 inches long, 76.6 inches high, and 79.9 inches wide, excluding mirrors. Also, the rear-wheel variant weighs approximately 5,368 lbs (2434 kg), and the all-wheel variant measures 5,623 lbs (2550 kg).

Ford Expedition Timberline
Ford Expedition Timberline. Credit: Ford.

Its Expedition MAX variant has a wheelbase of 131.6 inches and measures 221.9 inches long, 76.4 inches high, and 79.9 inches, excluding mirrors. The MAX’s rear-wheel drive variant weighs around 5,534 lbs (2510 kg), and all-wheel variants weigh 5,794 lbs (2628 kg), excluding any passenger or driver.

The rear-wheel drive can tow up to 9,300 lbs (4218 kg), and the all-wheel-drive Expedition can tow up to 9,200 lbs (4173 kg). Also, both the variants of Expedition MAX can tow up to 9,000 lbs (4082 kg).

The SUV is also equipped with zone lighting that lets you turn on the exterior lighting in various zones from the smartphone using the FordPass App. It also has an optional panoramic roof with two panels over the first and second rows.

Moreover, the intelligent all-wheel drive system lets the user select from seven unique drive modes to adapt to different road conditions. Also, the SUV offers a dual-headrest rear seat entertainment system where users can watch movies, play music, or play games. Lastly, this SUV is packed with many safety features as standard and a 360-degree camera with trailer reverse guidance as optional.

The pricing for the Ford Expedition Timberline starts at $72,000 for the base model on their official website.