Tuesday, May 21, 2024

World’s first automated eye test with EyeQue VisionCheck

Vision is not clear? Do you need to check your eyes? Simple, check your vision at home, order new glasses and never lose your vision check results.

Surprised!! Now vision testing is actually that easy with ‘EyeQue VisionCheck’. You can now check your eyes whenever and wherever you want. Also, you can measure pupillary distance (PD) so readily and can track vision with personalized reports. You are now away from clear vision until you receive your glasses ordered online.

A team who revolutionizing the vision care industry and believe clear vision is a right, not a privilege developed this new tool. EyeQue destined to bring eye care within means for everyone.

They say, “We’re putting accurate vision tests directly into the hands of people around the world. Our patented technology makes self-administered eye tests available to billions of people– many of whom may not have had the ability to test their eyes and correct their vision without access to low cost, convenient solutions.”

EyeQue VisionCheck is a refractometer that measures your refractive error, i.e. your nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

You will get your results in the same format as your prescription. Moreover, the results include your estimated near-vision add (NV ADD+), required to purchase a reading or progressive glasses.

“The VisionCheck includes a patent-pending pupillary distance (PD) measurement tool, called the PDCheck, that accurately captures your PD in a matter of seconds.”

An eye is one of the sensitive parts of our body and we definitely won’t afford to harm it by any means. So, one will give it a second thought before relying on it. But EyeQue VisionCheck has proven its credibility with their patent-pending technologies.

EyeQue VisionCheck empowers you in all aspects. It is affordable as compared to other conventional methods of eye check-ups. Since everything will be done at home on your couch eventually will save your precious time.

VisionCheck Test
VisionCheck Test

You merely need a smartphone and an active internet connection to get it done. Each VisionCheck test takes around five minutes to complete the process. Usually, first-time users have to go through three or four tests that also get done in hardly 30 minutes.

No longer need to worry about the accuracy. Because it is more accurate than a single point-in-time refraction test. Our vision fluctuates throughout the day, so, with this tool you can take multiple tests and find average refraction.

“The MIT-patented technology powering the VisionCheck has been extensively tested with over 12,000 users over the past 2 years and has been optimized to give excellent refraction values for ordering eyeglasses.”

This is likely to give the real results with true refraction measurements. These results are called “EyeGlass Numbers (EGNs)”. These results generated immediately after the three tests done. You can easily track and use this data through your EyeQue account. There are several options available to collect your vision information and manage it. Such as you can save detailed reports showing and explaining your results also the consistency of your testing.

They called it safe and robust since VisionCheck uses only the illumination from your smartphone screen, and filters the light to make it completely safe for your eyes. VisionCheck has undergone extensive environmental testing comprising drop, temperature, humidity, and shock tests to confirm the safety. Importantly, VisionCheck is registered with the FDA as well.

It is not that complicated to use the way you have seen the bulky machines at the hospitals. It would be fun and easy to use. It is developed with a dedicated application which you need to launch first. Then attach the VisionCheck device and access touch sensor buttons on the device to get the red and green lines to overlap as look through the device. Here you will get the result as EGNs.

Your data is secure with their HIPAA compliant processes and cloud storage for all your EGNs and personal data.

How it works…

VisionCheck Device inside construction
VisionCheck Device inside construction

This is the ‘exploded view’ of the patented VisionCheck device.

They explained the design, “It is a precision optical instrument built with micron-level tolerances. Substantial engineering effort was required in order to build reliable devices on a mass scale. To achieve that, we have employed a team of exceptional industrial designers, mechanical, electrical, optical, and firmware engineers.”

VisionCheck Working
VisionCheck Working

They say, “The VisionCheck is based on an MIT patented technology licensed exclusively to EyeQue. This technology has been extensively tested in our 1st generation product, the Personal Vision Tracker and uses a variant of the inverse Shack-Hartmann effect.”

When you hold this device attached to your smartphone it projects two parallel beams of light that comes from the smartphone display onto your retina. The red and green lines formed by illuminated pixels on your smartphone and at a distance of 2.5 mm from each other. So, to fit through your pupil this specific distance is managed.

As you can see in the above image, the user has to overlaps the two lines to form one yellow line. This is done with the help of an interactive touch-sensitive interface.

A team explained the technique to calculate the number, “Based on the amount of pixel movement made, EyeQue calculates the user’s refractive error in that particular direction. The device then rotates the lines to another angle and you repeat the measurement. Measuring the refractive power over a number of different angles gives the sphere, cylinder, and axis needed to correct your vision with eyeglasses. The method works for most people who are willing and able to follow the instructions we provide.”

VisionCheck PDCheck
VisionCheck PDCheck

VisionCheck also provides another cool test called PDCheck™. To order prescription eyeglasses accurate measurement of pupillary distance is essential. So, to make you feel comfortable and not dizzy incidentally patented PDCheck technology is developed. It uses the smartphone camera to take a “selfie” and extracts the PD to an accuracy of +/- 1 mm.

PDCheck Frames
PDCheck Frames

PDCheck includes a special set of PD frames with patented T marks on the frames that provide an accurate reference point to determine the distance between the center of your eyes. PDCheck works with both the front and rear facing cameras of your phone. The PDCheck app uses image processing to detect the T marks and the pupils of your eyes; it will only work with these special frames.

It shows how PDCheck Works
How PDCheck Works

It comes in the EyeQue VisionCheck package which includes VisionCheck Device, elastic safety band, micro-USB charging cable, PDCheck frames, and product manual.

Technical Specifications of VisionCheck at a glance

VisionCheck Technical Specifications
VisionCheck Technical Specifications

With this innovative tool vision check and getting your glasses is no longer complicated. Use your VisionCheck to test your vision on your smartphone, get the refraction results (after three vision tests i.e. EGNs), measure your PD with PDCheck frames and order your glasses online. You are free to share your reports with your eye specialists and retailers timely. Furthermore, you can manage your detailed vision results through your personal account on the EyeQue app.