Sunday, July 14, 2024

Emula, an electric motorcycle that promises real motorcycle pleasure

Electric motorcycle models do not give a “real motorcycle” pleasure to many people. One of the arguments that any motorcycle enthusiast can use against electric motorcycles is the absence of the sound and vibration from a combustion engine, gear change, something that thrills fans of the world of two wheels.

To try to unite the best of both the worlds, an Italian company 2Electron created the Emula, an electric motorcycle prototype that combines its futuristic design with the spirit of some of the most classic motorcycles of all time. It is intended for owners of electric vehicles nostalgic for the edge of the cylinders.

Emula Feature.

Credits: 2Electron

The company has developed McFly Core system, an emulator that faithfully reproduces the sound and vibrations of different gasoline motorcycle engines, with their revolutions, changes, and deceleration, all obviously synchronized with the actual operation of an electric motor.

The system currently can recreate the sound of a 250 cc two-stroke twin-cylinder engine, a similar one but with four-stroke and 800 cc and even a four-stroke four-cylinder block, but with a cubic capacity of 600 cc. Everything is controlled with a simple press inside the touch panel at a central console that 2Electron calls “McFly Engine,” in reference to the films in the series “Back to the Future.”

Everything is controlled with a simple press inside the touch panel at central console.
Credits: 2Electron

The interesting thing about the system is that it is expandable. Although right now, the prototype is capable of emulating three configurations, the company has in mind that in the future new ones may be added.

Precisely, to make the experience more real, this Emula installs speaker systems on the tank and under the seat, so that the noise of the combustion engine feels as if it were really there. The touch screen allows you to select the engine model to emulate. And for added realism, the bike is equipped with a gear selector and clutch lever with feedback effect to simulate drag and gear shifting.

In addition to the “retro” modes, Emula also has the “Boring mode”, in which it behaves like an ordinary electric motorcycle with a maximum speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) takes less than three seconds. At the moment, Emula is a prototype, with no price forecast or sale date.

Especially the model, which looks quite futuristic from the front, shows that electric motorcycles can also be fun.