Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Edda Wind presents the first in seven CSOVs fit for zero-emission

Edda Wind’s newbuild Edda Breeze is the first of seven offshore wind service vessels prepared for emission-free operations. It is the first CSOV (commissioning service operation vessel) that visits Oslo this week.

Earlier this year, Edda Wind took delivery of the Edda Breeze, which was built by Astilleros Gondán shipyard in Spain. The vessel is 88.3 meters long with a beam of 19.7 meters and can accommodate up to 120 persons onboard.

“It is special for us to take Edda Breeze to Norway, where Edda Wind was established in 2015. Now we get to show the first state-of-the-art CSOV to stakeholders at home,” said Kenneth Walland, CEO of Edda Wind.

The Edda Breeze is designed for operations in wind farms anywhere in the world. Prepared for emission-free operations with a hydrogen-based propulsion system, it will enable the construction and commissioning of wind farms without generating carbon emissions within just a few years.

“Being the first in seven C/SOVs fit for zero-emission, Edda Breeze marks a milestone for Edda Wind. We strongly believe that the upcoming hydrogen solution will be a game changer. It is also proof that we continue to improve our operations,” said Walland.

The company will have a fleet of nine SOVs and CSOVs; six of these will be in operation in the next year. And when everything is finalized, Edda Breeze will go on a ten-year contract with Ocean Breeze on the Bard Offshore 1 farm in Germany.

With increased focus on energy security and accelerated pace for the renewable energy transition, it is estimated that more than 250 vessels will be required by 2030, excluding China. This is far exceeding the existing tonnage and order book of a total of 49 vessels.