Wednesday, April 17, 2024

DropLabs’ EP 01 audio enabled sneaker lets you feel the sound through feet

In recent decades, the biggest changes in technological advances have also changed the way we listen to music dramatically.

DropLabs, a company based in Echo Park, Los Angeles, has created a new type of shoe that has the intention of making music heard not only through the ears but also through the feet. In fact, the music being listened to can also be perceived in the lower part of the body thanks to specially designed sensors.

The American company has now announced the release of its Triple Black Edition, an update to its original DropLabs EP 01 sneaker, that uses patented technology with integrated audio control inserted in the center of the sole. The technology delivers audio, in stereo, from any connected device to your feet, creating full-body bass audio, which simulates the energy of a live event and immerses you in music.

patented technology with integrated audio control inserted in the center of the sole.
The patented technology with integrated audio control inserted in the center of the sole. Credit: DropLabs

Obviously, while we are mainly interested in using them to listen to music, the same effect works in gaming or when watching movies, and there are specific settings for each listening mode.

Both the new EP 01 Triple Black and the Classic editions contain numerous system upgrades, including dynamic tuning settings designed specifically for gaming, music, and movies. The app upgrade includes an in-app LED color wheel to adjust the hue of the lights embedded within the sneaker and some surprises in the form of “easter eggs.” It is now available in a “triple black” color variant.

The embedded software platform allows us to continue to refine the experience and provide unique customization at the individual level,” said DropLabs CEO Susan Paley. “We’ve developed a proprietary technology that we have integrated into the midsole of the sneaker that converts audio signals into vibrations. When these vibrations are delivered through your feet and synchronized with what you hear in your ears, it is a completely transformative experience for digital entertainment. Although initially envisioned to recreate the energy of live music, adding this immersion layer to gaming, movies, and VR is the next level.

Other features of the shoe include waterproofing and a battery life of over six hours. The device is compatible with all Bluetooth headphones using – Class 1 Bluetooth 4.2. Every EP 01 includes a cable splitter that allows you to connect an audio source to both an EP 01 and a headset with a standard 3.5 mm TRS or TRRS headphone plug. It’s microphone compatible (TRRS) as well for people who stream or chat while gaming.

The new DropLabs EP 01 are available for order on the DropLabs website and currently retail for $299, making them the perfect gift for that music-loving family member or friend.