Thursday, April 18, 2024

Droog Moto presents its new electric streetfighter based on Zero DS

The Washington State-based company Droog Moto has launched its new project, an all-electric DM-017 V2 E-Fighter. The electric motorcycle is the fourth bespoke RatFighter in the Droog Moto catalog, which takes things up a notch by moving to the Zero DS as a base platform.

Droog Moto completely redesigned Zero DS to give it a cafe racer look, with big all-terrain tires. And indeed, the appearance of the motorcycle is so different and special that it will certainly not go unnoticed on the road. The black color with some metallic details, the large wheels with all-terrain tires, the specially designed (decorative) tank on which there is an information screen, the black curved saddle on the back of which there is a built-in LED strip, the distinctive mask in which incorporates an LED luminaire, giving a wild and “vagrant” image to the construction.

The DM-017 V2 E-Fighter features a battery and brushless DC motor from Zero Motorcycles. Delivering up to 34 kW (46 hp), the electric motor allows the electric streetfighter to reach up to 98 mph (158 km/h) of top speed.


The battery capacity is not specified, but it should correspond to at least the 7.2 kWh pack from Zero DS, which enables up to 82 miles (132 km) of autonomy around the city at low speeds, or about 49 miles (79 km) down the highway. When it’s time to charge up, simply plug into a 110v wall outlet or use the added J1772 charger when out and about.

The suspensions (front/rear) of the DM-017 E-Fighter V2 can be adjusted by the rider on the move, depending on the terrain in which he moves. The screen located in the center of the tank offers all the necessary information for the operation of the motorcycle while it has Bluetooth that allows the rider to connect his smartphone and through a special App to adjust various parameters of the motorcycle.

Each bike is prepared, taking into account the customer’s specifications, including suspension adjustment and saddle height. Droog Moto promises that no two E-Fighter will be the same. The price of the electric streetfighter starts at $40,000, which is more than three times the price of a base Zero DS.