Dreampad: A mind-relaxing, sleep-inducing pillow

Well, we all know that a good night’s sleep is incredibly important for our health. Regular, good quality sleep is important for brain functioning, emotional wellbeing, physical health, daytime performance, and personal safety.

This article is all about a device that actually helps you sleep. It is called “The Dreampad”- it is a mind-relaxing, sleep-inducing luxury pillow that plays music through gentle vibration that only you can hear. Designed for everyone from adults to children looking to relax and get a better night’s sleep.

Dreampad technology is based on the natural conductivity of the human body. Have you ever noticed that your voice sounds different when you’re hearing it played back in a recording? The difference is because you’re not getting the resonance of the internal sound you receive when you speak.

Dreampad tech
Dreampad tech

That exactly what a Dreampad does- it replicate the natural process. The Dreampad plays music through patented Intrasound Technology, which converts sound into gentle vibrations that travel directly to your inner ear. This process signals the nervous system to relax, calming your body and mind. It’s safe, comfortable for all ages, supported by research, and it works.

Dreampad features
Dreampad features

More importantly, as the vibration moves toward the bony area surrounding your middle and inner ear, it seems to trigger your body’s relaxation response. The vibrational music activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which brings us down to a calmer place where we can relax and fall asleep.

How to use it?

All you have to do is download the Dreampad music app into your phone. Then pair Bluetooth with a smart device or plug-in device directly into the Dreampad, Switch on the airplane mode, place head on the pillow and relax. You can select the music and adjust volume in App.

This is a completely different experience than listening to music through a sound machine or a traditional speaker. In addition, Dreampad’s specially-treated music has a unique sound and a unique, soothing effect on your body and mind.

Dreampad 2.0:

And now the inventors bring its new version called Dreampad 2.0, which is wireless, can be used with any style pillow, and slim enough to fit in a carry-on. It uses the same technology as the Dreampad Pillow.

Dreampad 2.0
Dreampad 2.0

Slimmer design allows you to use the new Dreampad with your own favorite pillow. It comes with one-inch thickness and a flexible coating, so you easily slide it under your existing pillow.

Dreampad 2.0: Slide inside your pillow
Dreampad 2.0: Slide inside your pillow

Additionally, you can easily connect your new pad with the included Bluetooth Receiver and select your music for a peaceful night’s sleep. The updated Dreampad App features new, relaxing music selections and a Spotify playlist. Also, you can add your personal favorite songs.

As it is designed so thin and small you can easily carry it in your travel bags. Moreover, the new cover is water-resistant and removes in a zip so you can wash it as needed.


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