Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Bugatti begins deliveries of its bespoke Baby II roadsters

Bugatti has announced the delivery of the Baby II, a 3: 4 scale replica of the historic Bugatti Type 35 roadster. The vehicle was developed to celebrate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary and is not only significant in preserving the history of the Bugatti marque but also inspiring a new generation of young Bugatti enthusiasts.

The construction of cars, which both children and adults can drive, is the responsibility of the partner of the French brand, the British firm The Little Car Company.

The Bugatti Baby II is available in three versions: Base, Vitesse, and Pur Sang. The Base model Bugatti Baby II comes with a fully electric powertrain, high-performance hydraulic brakes, and two driving modes: Novice, which is limited to 20 km/h (12 mph) and 1 kW (1.3 bhp) of power, and Expert, which is limited to 45 km/h (30 mph) and 4 kW (5.4 bhp) of power. The Vitesse and Pur Sang models include the Novice and Expert driving modes, but also offer extra performance from an upgraded powertrain, unlocked by the legendary Bugatti Speed Key. This enables you to deploy up to 10 kW (13.4 bhp) and with an all-up weight of just 230 kg, achieving a top speed of 70 km/h (42 mph). Depending on the weight of the driver, 0-60 km/h is dispatched in just six seconds.

Bugatti begins deliveries of its bespoke Baby II roadsters
Stunning custom logos have been added to the cars steering wheel and mirror. Credit: Bugatti

The very first of 500 bespoke Baby II models have started to reach owners across the globe, sparking excitement with Bugatti collectors, both old and new. The electric cars are being shipped with their own individual chassis number and are customized to each client’s demands.

One of the first Baby IIs went to a long-time Bugatti owner in Dubai that features a 2.8 kWh battery pack, upgraded powertrain, the Speed Key, and is finished in a custom orange paint job. The roadster in the Vitesse version with a carbon fiber body also received a specially developed color ‘Jetex Orange,’ the Touring Package with a high-power LED headlight upgrade, brake light, mudguard, and fender. Like the original Bugatti Baby, the Baby II is all-electric with leather seating and an aluminum dash. Bugatti announces that this instance will be used for private transfers to VIP sections of the airport.

Bugatti begins deliveries of its bespoke Baby II roadsters
The “Pur-Sang”-spec Baby II with ‘Nocturne Black’ exterior and interior leather in color ‘Terre D’or’. Credit: Bugatti

Another has arrived with a private Bugatti collector in Belgium. In this case, we are talking about a top-end Pur Sang car, the main feature of which is a hand-formed aluminum body. This specimen was painted black.

The Bugatti Baby II is truly a contemporary tribute to Ettore Bugatti’s original masterpiece, and we are very proud to see these arrive with their owners,” said Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company. “Each and every Bugatti Baby II has been lovingly hand-built to the client’s exact specifications, so each vehicle leaving our workshop is genuinely one-of-a-kind. We can’t wait to see these vehicles cherished for years to come and hope to have inspired a new generation of young Bugatti enthusiasts.

The 3:4 scale Bugatti Baby II comes with a price that ranges from $35000 to $69000.