Friday, May 31, 2024

Bastille unveils its large wheel bicycle that folds down in seconds

If you live in an apartment, carrying a bike from the stairs can be challenging. Even if you park your bicycle in front of the apartment, there’s a risk of the bike getting stolen. A folding bike can reduce the risk of theft significantly. It can be carried and stored in compact spaces within a small space in your house after folding.

Many bicycle manufacturing companies make lightweight and compact folding bikes. However, most folding bikes come with shorter frames and reduced wheel diameter. The smaller wheels and shorter frames often result in a bumpier ride. 

French bicycle manufacturing company Bastille has unveiled the first actual bicycle with large wheels that can fold. The bike is designed to be taken everywhere.

A Bastille folding bike has the same properties as an excellent urban bike, which can be folded within a few seconds. 

The large-wheeled folding bike gives you comfort similar to the traditional bicycles, making it an ideal choice for demanding urban cyclists. The large wheels better absorb vibrations and micro shocks from the road, giving a smoother driving impression.

When folded, the bike measures 82 cm long and 91 cm high, with a depth of 37 cm. It takes 5-10 sec to fold the bike. The Bastille bike weighs just 15 kg, making it lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, the bike’s wheels measure 27.5 inches. This bike can accommodate riders of height 1.65m to 1.90m.

After folding the bike in its “T” position, it can be transported anywhere. Roll it like a suitcase, especially on a station platform, public transport, or elevator. In its “O” position, it is in its most compact version and takes the form of two large wheels, one on top of the other.

The bike uses essential quality components such as its aluminum frame, carbon fork, and belt, and the bike is perfectly equipped for the city without any frills.

Folded, it makes its way wherever you go: on a train, in the trunk of a car, or the elevator of your building.

With Bastille’s large wheels and the quality of its components, the bike is suitable for classic urban use, and it can also go in the forest, on steeper paths, and with sportier riding. 

The Bastille foldable bike is priced at €2,590 ($2745) on their official website, and you can pre-order it by paying €259 ($274).