Monday, May 20, 2024

AURA AERO to develop a 19-seater electric aircraft for the regional market

AURA AERO, the first digital and eco-efficient aircraft manufacturer, intends to develop a 19-seater electric-powered regional airliner supported by the Occitanie Region. Thanks to the new project, the manufacturer aims to conquer the low-carbon regional transport market.

The new highly connected electrically powered 19-seater aircraft will be equipped with electric motors, batteries specially developed for aeronautical use, and a drastic reduction in noise pollution. The aircraft aims to offer affordable, low-carbon point-to-point mobility solutions with also cargo transport capacity.

The maiden flight of the 19-seater electric aircraft is scheduled for 2024, followed by a market launch two years later.

AURA AERO to develop a 19-seater electric aircraft for the regional market.
The 19-seater aircraft will be equipped with electric motors, specially developed batteries. Credit: AURA AERO

To this end, the company has just inaugurated its assembly line within the HM7, its new hangar located in the heart of the historic Toulouse-Francazal site. The site will serve as a station from where the company will begin serial production of the Integral R, the new generation two-seater aircraft, and launch the development of new aircraft.

On this unique site bringing together the study, machining, and assembly areas, the assembly line, test areas, and customer delivery, AURA AERO plans to assemble 30 aircraft in 2022, then around 50 in 2023.

2021 will be the year of the certification of Integral R, the first-born of the Integral family, which made its first flight in June 2020 and will deliver its first customers at the end of this year. This year will also see the first flight, this summer, of Integral S, the version of Integral with a tricycle train, still with a combustion engine and intended for the training of professional civil and military pilots, as well as for leisure flights. Also on the program this year, the electric version Integral E, which will take off in 2022 and has already totaled around fifty order intentions.