Monday, May 20, 2024

Arrival showed Beta prototype of its electric van with improved design

Arrival, a UK-based electric vehicle startup, has unveiled a new evolution of its electric van, which is a little closer to the production version. The new version has more pleasing aesthetics.

Starting from the Alpha prototype, which has been tested by logistics companies such as UPS, DHL or Royal Mail, Arrival has received the necessary feedback to offer its investors a second generation, the Beta prototype. It has been updated with various different things after logistics companies’ feedbacks.

After real testing, Arrival made changes to the design of the electric van.
After real testing, Arrival made changes to the design of the electric van.

The main objective of this second version was to improve the usability of the electric van for which important changes have been made. The designers have widened the front panel leading to the sloped windshield instead of the vertical one. This solution not only improves the driver’s visibility but also improves aerodynamics and therefore affects the range. The latter factor is critical for an electric vehicle.

Alpha prototype of Arrival's electric van.
Alpha prototype of Arrival’s electric van.

The new Beta prototype of Arrival Van has clear direction indicators and a virtual rearview mirror based on high-mounted cameras on the sides. Its roof is flat and has no rounded edges like the previous iteration. Finally, the sensory drive for sliding doors seems to have been sacrificed in favor of the more economical, physical opening of sliding doors.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Arrival had received an order for 10,000 units from UPS, which will arrive by the end of 2024. In addition, the same company has an unknown amount of investment in the UK-based startup, along with Hyundai-Kia Corporation.