Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple patent reveals new iMac design with an unusual shape

Apple continues to fuel consumer interest in the iMac. This time the company has radially changed the shape of one of the many iconic devices designed by Apple. It has applied for a patent on a desktop Mac design, called “Electronic Device with Glass Housing Member.”

The patent document shows that the new iMac may take the form of a capital letter “J.” It is essentially a single piece of glass, curved at the bottom to create a platform the iMac stands on. The flat bottom can not only accommodate the keyboard input area but also add a small display. Because the curved part is not enough to support, Upright PC support will be provided by the base in which Apple placed batteries and all the other components of the iMac.

It can even be completely stowed for transportation
It can even be completely stowed for transportation.

As per the patent information, the angle of the curved part can be adjusted, and it can even be completely stowed for transportation. In addition, wedge-shaped slots are also designed in the curved structure for buried wires and so on.

It is too early to conclude that the next iMac will receive just such a design since Apple annually submits a large number of patent applications. However, experts note that such a design solution is quite interesting.