Honda patents an electric motorcycle with a built-in drone

The motorcycle would be able to release the drone on command.

Apple is preparing to reinvent the keyboard

In a patent filing under the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filing deadline for 2020, Apple describes a keyboard with dynamically changing key functions....

Future Apple AirPods could be able to recognize the dangers

In the future, it could make users aware of road traffic.

Apple received a patent for software taking a remote group selfies

Apple imagines the selfie in the era of social distancing.

Apple patents new MacBook design with a bendable hinge

A new patent hints that future MacBook may adopt a unibody design with a seamless folding hinge mechanism.

The next-generation Apple Watch could be equipped with Touch ID

It could also feature WiFi 6 connectivity, enhanced battery life, and sleep tracking.

Future iMac with built-in projector could extend its display onto nearby walls

Extend the desktop screen without having to buy any other equipment.

Apple patent reveals new iMac design with an unusual shape

New iMac may take the form of a capital letter "J."

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