Tuesday, May 14, 2024

ActivePuzzle: The simplest robotics on earth

Generally, if you see, building a Robot is pretty tough. Complicated programming and AI come into our minds. So, here I got a brand new and innovative kit that makes Robotics fun and helps children build a robot without coding or programming.

We all love to learn by playing; who isn’t? And this is why ActivePuzzle Ltd. company has created the “ActivePuzzle” game kit, active puzzle pieces which form robots.

It’s a fact that children speak the puzzle language before they start talking. Keeping this concept in mind, the inventors have created this kit.

It is like a game for building a robot out of a puzzle. No coding and no computer screens are required. Simply snap puzzle blocks together to form robots. Its simplicity and intuitiveness make ActivePuzzle a great platform for invention and innovation.

The kit contains some puzzle blocks, and each block implements a certain function. The battery block supplies electric power to the robot, the proximity sensor “sees” objects, the motor can drive a wheel, and so on.

ActivePuzzle: 16 different blocks
ActivePuzzle: 16 different blocks

The kit contains 16 different block types, each of which belongs to one of four categories – output, input, logic, and power. The ActivePuzzle Advanced includes all the blocks in Invent plus 6 blocks – 3 new types (Arduino, Conductor, and A2D) and 3 duplicates (Motor, Proximity Sensor, and Battery).

ActivePuzzle robots have no central processing unit but rather work in a distributed manner based on the Braitenberg Vehicle concept – input blocks trigger adjacent output blocks, with the electronic value optionally being manipulated by logic blocks.

Easy to learn Robotics
Easy to learn Robotics

Not just for the kids! ActivePuzzle is for both children and adults with young minds who want to build robots and learn how they work.

There is no gender restriction, either! The puzzle language makes girls feel natural and confident, and the game activities strengthen their self-efficacy.

Why ActivePuzzle? What are its advantages?

Children learn Robotics in a language that they understand easily, PUZZLE language! It also improves STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) while playing.

Moreover, educators can also use this kit for teaching STEM to their students. As mentioned, the game is very intuitive and simple to learn. There is a large number of scientific and technological concepts that can be taught using ActivePuzzle.

Robots made using ActivePuzzle kit
Robots made using ActivePuzzle kit

In addition, it develops computational thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills. It gives strength to your creativity and innovation. ActivePuzzle is a really fun game for all the family!

Technology should be taught in a language children understand,” said Meir Sela, the founder of ActivePuzzle. “I got together with a team of creative people who shared the same vision; we wanted to teach children technology using their own language, one that they learn before they even start talking … puzzles.