Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Xcustom3D : All-in-one 3D printer and CNC machine

A good 3D printer, laser engraver, and CNC machine can be very important in enhancing your creativity. It would be great if you could get a 3D printer, scanner, laser engraver, and CNC machines that combine multiple functions in a single product.

Such all-in-one 3D printers are quite rare. While a few manufacturers are trying to merge all the mentioned functions into one simple-to-use package, the Xcustom3D team based in Valencia, Spain, has made it possible.

They created a new all-in-one 3D printer and CNC machine that offers a build area of 500 x 500 x 500mm for your 3D prints and CNC machining. You can use it at your home as well as at your factory.

It is a 3D printer capable of cutting, milling, drilling, and engraving in 3axis as a conventional CNC machine. You only need to load your 3D printer or CNC G-code.

Xcustom3D gives a real 500mm x 500mm x 500mm, half-meter cubic 3D printing or drill, mill surface. Though it is small, it comes with complete real industrial CNC features in a real half-meter work surface on the XYZ axis.

3D printer:

It comes with a dual excluder 3D printer which is capable of FFF 3D print. It can heat up any material to 460 degrees C on a 1,75mm filament that you can create with a perfect resolution of up to 50 microns or less, depending upon the nozzle you use.

Xcustom3D: 3D printer and CNC machine
Xcustom3D: 3D printer and CNC machine

Moreover, all the mechanism is enclosed with red polycarbonate translucent panels and a front door that create a perfect 3D atmosphere for every kind of material.

All thanks to its completely squared design reinforced with aluminum which ejects Bosch Rexroth profile, you don’t need to calibrate any axis. All the nuts and screws are fixed with rubber silent blocks to prevent the vibrations.

Another amazing feature is it has no belts and runs all its axis on rails, ACME screws, and its powerful spindle motor. It can handle with very HIGH torques as a completely REAL INDUSTRIAL CNC 3-axis machine.

Also, the team designed this 3D printer with the safest electronics in its sector, which ensures the perfect safety against fire and all kinds of electrical failure. Thanks to its oversized mini ATX power supply and 25 AMP MOSFET in every heated output.

The Xcustom3D is designed to be compatible with any kind of 3D software or computers. The real 500mm2 AC Silicone Heatbed is managed by a solid state relay and a power MOSFET that can heat up to 160 degrees C.

Xcustom3D: 3D printer and CNC machine
Xcustom3D: 3D printer and CNC machine

CNC machine specifications:

• Spindle motor: AC 750W(1HP) motor
• Power: 750 W (1hp)
• Default work speed: 0~24000 RPM
• Max work speed: 6000~24000 RPM ~

Additionally, it offers a cutting depth of up to 5mm or more for DM wood and other softwoods, up to 2mm on polymers, and up to 0.5 mm on aluminum blocks or others; it all depends upon the bit, mill, or drill that you may use.