Sunday, March 26, 2023

US:E smart lock offers bank level security

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Leaving behind the conventional methods to unlock the door, ELECPRO GROUP INC. has designed and developed a ‘US:E’. The designer company is dedicated to bringing smart home ecology systems in life.

A team said, “We believe the lock is an important part of our home, and it should be intelligent. Our goal is to make the lock truly Safe & Smart. These were the ideas behind US:E Camera Smart Lock.”

This innovative locking system empowers you to open the door in multiple ways. Such as Smartphone, Fingerprint, scanning, password, Physical key, Key Fob, and Facial Recognition.

The most unique option to unlock the door is the remote control option. You can open the door for your friends and family simply by tapping on your phone. However, you must have the US:E system integrated on the door.

US:E has the built-in Infrared 3D recognition technology and an innovative 4-level AI recognition. With this technology US:E can work day and night. This device can save up to 50 faces. Also, it effectively responses to biometric authentication. Where facial recognition then becomes the most secure ways to unlock.

The third option to unlock the door is your fingerprint scanning. Since US:E devised the advanced fingerprint scanner it can identify you in less than 0.02 second. For this option, you can save up to ten fingerprint IDs in the system. “The live fingerprint identification module integrates military technology, ensuring security.”

Conversely, if you find your conventional methods more secure to open the door, you can adopt them too. You can keep your home locked unless and until you enter the correct password.

Two versions of choice
Two versions of choice

US:E is designed with a companion app, which will send you a notification if the password has been entered incorrectly five times. It has one more amazing feature of scrambling. Though someone secretly has watched your PIN still will not be able to open the door. You just need to enter the random numbers before or after your correct code and the lock will still open to you.

Besides, if you afraid of losing the access of your smart locking system if running out of battery then, Relax. You can still open your door in the most old-fashioned way.

US:E Security
US:E Security

US:E is easy to install on any regular door. Whether it is the initial installation or later maintenance, you can manage it at ease.

US:E Technical Specifications
US:E Technical Specifications

US:E passes the ANSI\BHMA Grade 3 safety test with its Zinc alloy body and German B-grade lock cylinder. This locking system can withstand 350,000 open/close cycles. Its durability guarantees your safety 100% of the time.

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