Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sphero spins off Company Six, a robotic startup for emergency responders

Sphero is creating a new robotic company whose products, derived from its technology, will focus on security. The firm, behind the robotic toys like the BB-8 robot and educational robotics kits, announced that it has successfully completed the spin-off of Company Six into an independent company to commercialize intelligent robots and AI-based software applications for emergency responders.

The new company intends to meet the needs of first responders, government, defense, and those who work in dangerous situations with new robotic products. The products will not only be robust and feature-rich enough for professional applications but also affordable enough to be adopted by the majority, rather than the minority, of civilian and military personnel.

In the press release, the company specifies that it will use its experience to offer “lightweight but highly advanced robotic solutions that provide a critical advantage to those we most depend on, including the police, firefighters, the military, and other dangerous jobs.” Paul Berberian, the former head of Sphero, will take command of Company Six alongside Jim Booth, the two men with military training.

For now, there are no more details about the units under development, but it is to be expected that some of the functions that attracted attention in toys can also show up in these new products – such as refined design. There is still no forecast when these units will be launched.

It is worth noting that the use of robots in police operations has been going on for some time. The Massachusetts State Police (MSP) has been reportedly testing the Boston Dynamics Spot robot. Then we also have informed you about “CRS-H” Robots to come in U.S. Army to dispose of explosives.