Tuesday, April 16, 2024

SeaFlyer: Fly through the water like a torpedo

Aiming to make the underwater sport easier Robosea has introduced ‘SeaFlyer’. Its design is jointly inspired by the drone technology and seacraft. It is a flawless example of design, powerful motors, and quiet propulsion system.

Besides this, its sleek, full-featured and still lightweight and compact size fit into your backpack.

However, SeaFlyer is proficient enough to pull you underwater with ease in both any ocean, lake or pool. It lets you snorkel with turtles, scuba with dolphins, or simply chase your friends in the pool.

The SeaFlyer is the perfect underwater scooter for people who actually want to get wet.

The remarkable design which is a feat of human engineering and overall features will surprisingly enhance your underwater experience. It is made to work in both fresh and salt water. SeaFlyer runs up to 60 minutes in one charge.

You can spot the surrounding of your underwater adventure or get metrics through a full-OLED dashboard. You can deep dive with SeaFlyer with an easy-to-use two-trigger operation. This smart dashboard gives you sensor data for instance speed level, depth, temperature, and battery status.

Cutting-Edge water propulsion
Cutting-Edge water propulsion

Powerful waterjets with hydrodynamic thrust enhance your maneuverability in the water. Additionally, its easily controllable body movement enables you to enjoy swimming without any training.

While designing this gadget a team has taken care of underwater lives with its quiet 50-decibel motor. You can enjoy this water without disturbing ocean life. The dual side jets are not to make this design look cool but they work in adjacency to propel you through the water efficiently.

It floats to the top when not in use. SeaFlyer is high-end technology made with high-end materials. It is devised a with a rechargeable, washable and replaceable battery.

Tech Specifications

Technical specifications of SeaFlyer
Technical specifications of SeaFlyer
  • Height – 6.6 inches
  • Length – 20 inches
  • Width – 11 inches
  • Weight – 8.8 lbs
  • Materials – Plastic and Metal
  • Battery – Life: 60 minutes
  • Size:10000mAh
  • Voltage: 14.8 volts
  • Capacity – 148 watt-hours
  • Charging time – 3 hours
  • Speed – 2.3 mph/4.1 mph
  • Water resistant depth – 147 ft/ 45 m
  • OLED Display – Water depth/ temp Speed options
  • Battery life
  • Low Battery warning

Tested by Jessea Lu, Freediving Gold Medalist, “SeaFlyer is a water scooter with unique design and innovative features. When I first saw it, its dashing look caught my attention. Its good portability and ease of use made me like it more.”

“In my view, SeaFlyer will bring out our innate playfulness, joy, and excitement in all divers, while for non-divers it opens a really good way to experience the refreshing sensation of flying in the water.”