Tuesday, February 20, 2024

QYSEA unveils AI Diver Tracking for its underwater robots

QYSEA Technology has introduced an in-house developed underwater AI technology – the AI Diver Tracking Function – for its underwater robots. This groundbreaking feature sets a new standard in intelligent safety for underwater professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The AI Diver Tracking Function uses QYSEA’s proprietary AI underwater image filtering algorithm and advanced visual recognition technology to identify a diver’s movements and conduct real-time automatic analysis, achieving precise underwater visual tracking and monitoring. According to the company, this marks the world’s first technology applying AI for underwater robot diver tracking, serving as a crucial safety measure and reliable diving companion.

Traditionally, underwater robots and diver collaboration have faced complexities that require frequent manual operations. However, with the AI Diver Tracking Function, QYSEA pioneers a simplified control through intelligent algorithms, enabling real-time tracking and enhancing operational efficiency. This feature has a wide range of applications in underwater engineering, ecological conservation, emergency rescue, underwater events, and leisure, marking a new era in intelligent underwater safety.

Solo Dive Capture
Solo Dive Capture. Credit: QYSEA Technology

With its single-person mode, the FIFISH Underwater Robot can intelligently track a diver and capture diverse angles from side, rear, top, and bottom perspectives, making it perfect for solo dives in different environments. The FIFISH also has a multi-person mode that can frame multiple divers for consistent monitoring. It can even follow synchronized swimming from different angles, whether it’s from behind, in front, or from the side.

Its AI Diver Tracking supports real-time monitoring and synchronizes underwater and surface views. Simply connect to the ROV and activate the QYSEA FIFISH APP to track diver movements easily.

Multi-person mode.
Multi-person mode. Credit: QYSEA Technology

AI Diver Tracking has a wide range of applications. It can help in underwater engineering by monitoring divers continuously and providing real-time updates on their measurements. This enhances life safety in challenging underwater environments and synchronizes footage for onshore personnel.

The technology can also be used during underwater conservation efforts to lock onto multiple divers, offering stable tracking and support for initiatives like marine debris cleanup. For rescue personnel, it ensures real-time follow-ups, confirms search and rescue situations, and enhances overall efficiency by transmitting underwater information to onshore personnel.

In free diving underwater competitions, AI Diver Tracking can capture participants’ rapid ascents and descents, ensuring their safety and enabling live event broadcasting. When used in AI Diver Tracking mode, the FIFISH Underwater Robot becomes the perfect companion, capturing diverse angles and poses to follow and record the diver’s movements and creating memorable moments.