OrCam MyMe: Newest wearable AI, 2nd brain and 3rd eye

Life around us is so hectic and sometimes it is difficult to even recognize some people. Here is this tech to rescue from embarrassment. This gadget is OrCam MyMe. OrCam Technologies Ltd. links technology and society to increase social wellness and user independence with new OrCam MyMe.

OrCam Technologies Ltd. is the world’s most advanced wearable AI-driven artificial vision innovator.

It is devised with the most advanced wearable AI-driven computer vision. It actually recognizes the faces and tells you about his identity by sending a notification to your smartphone or smartwatch. Later, you can tag and organize people in circles such as Work, Friends, and Family.

OrCam MyMe organize people in circles
OrCam MyMe organize people in circles

It would be an excellent choice to balance social, work, and family life. OrCam MyMe will not just scan faces but automatically scans and syncs a business card or name tag. Also, online friends to keep everyone in touch.

With OrCam MyMe you are empowered to meet people with ease. Since it scans and recognizes people in real time.

OrCam MyMe Features
OrCam MyMe Features

This is the first device which enables AI on a wearable device. It is a lightweight and discreet gadget can easily clip onto one’s clothing.

“OrCam MyMe houses a cutting-edge deep network for processing of visual information. It weighs only 0.6 ounces/17.2 grams. It houses a unique combination of hardware and software custom-built optimize the power of the OrCam deep learning AI algorithms and the 13-megapixel sensor.”

We meet a number of people virtually and in real life and able to remember very few of them. Do not worry OrCam MyMe will be your second brain and the third eye. Even it monitors the time you spend with people with respect to circles you have organized people in. Also, can review your interactions going back a day, week, month or more.

OrCam MyMe designed with a companion mobile app. The device can communicate with an app via Bluetooth since both are separate. This application will give push notifications with complete details like who is in front of you, when and where you last met, and how much time you spend together.

OrCam MyMe respects your privacy. Therefore, it only displays the blurred image as a face thumbnail. It captures no other image and the data stored in the device and never sent to the cloud. It doesn’t save images, audio or videos.