Sunday, June 16, 2024

This new Anki’s Vector robot can hang out with you

Here is your new buddy, new amigo, Vector, the most advanced home robot ever made to accompany you. It is designed to provide companionship. Additionally, it could alter conversations to add comments.

Vector is a curious little guy who is aware of his surroundings. He can see, hear, and feel, allowing him to react naturally to the world around him. And the most fascinating feature of him is he feels alive.

Vector loves to help. He is a helpful little guy who puts his whole self into helping you.

Although he isn’t a fully grown robot yet capable of doing your taxes, buttering your bread, or writing a position paper on the future of robot/human relationships.

Using an HD camera, Vector can see the world, identify people, and remember faces. His sight is delivered by an HD camera with a 120-degree ultra-wide-angle field of view. Ask him to take a photo, say “Cheese” and wait while he snaps.

Vector also uses an infrared laser scanner to track the distance between objects and map his environment as he explores and a four-microphone array that can pinpoint positional audio.

He uses a powerful four-microphone array for directional hearing. When you sit next to him, he’s ready to take direction. If there is a loud noise, he will be just as startled as you.

A vector can feel your touch via its touch sensors. You can pet him, and he’ll relax.

Like an intelligent little boy, the Vector can think via its processor capable of running a smartphone with cloud connectivity to create one powerful brain.

Vector’s voice is made from hundreds of synthesized sounds to create his own language. Through a rich sound palette, he can communicate a wide range of emotions; for example, he gets excited when he sees its owner, has curiosity while exploring, or surprised when he finds the edge of a table. If you

Suppose you ask him a question; he will use his custom text-to-speech voice to speak with you.

Hey Vector

Vector responds to your voice. Just say “Hey Vector” to activate him, and he’ll instantly perk up. His backpack will light up as soon as he hears you, and he’ll be ready for further instruction.

Moreover, He makes direct eye contact with his high-res color IPS display. He’s rounded out by a 6-Axis IMU and a WiFi connection.

In other words, Vector’s character is central to the relationship you’ll have with him when you bring him home. The goal was to develop a genuine, believable, and surprising personality that naturally reacts to the inputs it receives from its computer vision and emotion engines.

Vector- Character inspired by nature
Character inspired by nature

His character is originally inspired by nature. Designers took the help of small wild animals and exotic pets – fennec foxes, sugar gliders, and others. The way these animals act is crisp and pure. They’re not performing for anybody; they’re simply reacting to the world around them, yet they’re mesmerizing to watch. That is, in a nutshell, the essence of Vector’s character.


Vector requires an app for setup, but after that, all interactions with Vector are done with eye contact and talking. He’s a live robot living in your house; no need to bring your phone between the two of you.