Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Langen Motorcycles unveils a charming cafe racer with modern 2-stroke engine

British company Langen Motorcycles – appeared in the month of March with a very clear idea in mind – create a motorcycle like the ones before but with current technology. The startup – the brainchild of Chris Ratcliffe, who worked at CCM for ten years before leaving to start his own business – plans to put a brand new 250cc two-stroke sports bike with a very refined look into production (very limited), at the end of the year.

The inspiration for the Langen’s “The 2 Stroke” design is the iconic two-stroke models from the mid-1980s. Its drive will be provided by a fuel-injected, 250cc, 90-degree v-twin motor from Italian firm Vins Motors, producing 80bhp 11,800rpm. Although the two-stroke itself is seen as outdated, the engine has modern touches like electronic fuel injection and a counter-rotating crankshaft.

The 250cc v-twin engine with electronic fuel injection.
The 250cc v-twin engine with electronic fuel injection. Credit: Langen Motorcycles

The use of high-quality, technologically advanced components by Langen does not end with the engine. For suspension, there is a set of 43 mm Öhlins forks at the front, and two Ktech Piggyback Razor shocks at the rear. The brakes are dual-disc front and single-disc rear with machined aluminum radial calipers. The 2 Stroke also has a hand-made aluminum frame and a carbon-fiber body, which allows it to reduce its weight considerably.

Because the appeal of a two-stroke motorcycle lies in the high power and low weight. Langen says his completed bikes should weigh around 112 kg. Besides, the bike includes a removable 6-speed gearbox, the multidisc wet clutch, the aforementioned carbon, and real 24-carat gold details and naked carbon on display.

The body and frame are made of lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum.
The body and frame are made of lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum. Credit: Langen Motorcycles

The price of The 2 Stroke has not been revealed, but judging by the equipment used, we are not about to see a cheap bike. The limited-edition model will be manufactured in only 250 pieces.