Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Huawei debuts Nearlink, a faster, more efficient wireless technology

Huawei officially launched a new generation of short-range wireless connection technology – NearLink – aiming to combine the advantages of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This technology brings together the collective collaboration of more than 300 companies and institutions at home and abroad.

NearLink integrates the advantages of traditional wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and its performance is significantly stronger. With Nearlink, Huawei is looking forward to the revolution in the area of wireless transmission capability.

Compared with traditional wireless connections, Huawei Nearlink offers about 60% lower power consumption, has six times higher data transmission speed, 1/30 delay, and ten times higher number of network connections. In addition, it offers 7 dB improvement anti-interference for a more stable connection and twice the coverage distance.

Nearlink can be used in various scenarios, such as consumer electronics, smart homes, electric vehicles, and industrial smart manufacturing, to provide a stronger HarmonyOS experience for the Internet of Everything.

When it comes to smartphones, PCs, cars, and other devices, Nearlink can offer a range of benefits, including lower latency, lower power consumption, wider coverage, and safer connection technologies for users.