Friday, February 23, 2024

This device converts an electric wheelchair into an Xbox controller

Video games are a hobby growing more and more in today’s society. And thanks to the accessories such as Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, physical disability has ceased to be an impediment for hundreds of players.

The AbleGamers Charity has joined forces with ATMakers to create a hardware add-on that lets you use the joystick on a power wheelchair as an Xbox One controller. The device is called the “Freedom Wing Adapter,” which allows the user to play the Xbox console from the user’s own electric wheelchair control.

The Freedom Wing Adapter allows the Xbox Adaptive Controller to be connected to electric wheelchairs through a 9-pin port. In this way, the joystick that controls the wheelchair becomes a command with which we can play. The device uses the combination of an adapter board and an Adafruit Feather M4 that translates the input from the joystick into commands the Adaptive Controller can understand.

Thanks to this device, you can use the joystick and its buttons, making it easy to control the console even for all those people who have motor limits. The device is also designed to be connected and disconnected comfortably, even for the person who is sitting on the chair. Check out the video clip below to see its perfect operation.

In the video presentation, you can see Steve Spohn, the creator of this device and also the COO of AbleGamers, playing a game of Rocket League, using the joystick of his wheelchair to control the clash. It uses a single button, which is normally used as a gear change in the chair, to activate the accelerator pedal in the game.

And best of all, anyone can get it for the cost of just $30 to $35. Currently, however, it is not for sale as it still needs some improvements.