Digital measure Bluetooth for every measurement

The first generation of laser distance meter in 2010 revolutionized the way we measure the distance. However, advancements are always welcomed by our society. This new device also the result of this advancement.

It is actually designed and developed for people who measure usual. This tool is used to measure hight, curves, cylinder, etc.

Major Pro consists of three different modes such as Laser measurement mode, Idler wheel measurement mode and Digging rope measurement mode. Altogether, this tool allows you to enjoy measurement like never before.

It gives high laser accuracy, it is ± 0.05 inch at 20 feet.

Major Pro is designed with an application which can record your measurements. So, you can simply rely on recorded data despite inscribing that on paper.

It can measure up to 65 feet height using laser measurement mode. Similarly, you can measure the curves using Major Pro. Major Pro uses three international units. It is feet, inches, meters. You can switch between the units by pressing the middle button.


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