Saturday, June 22, 2024

Czinger 21C, a stunning hybrid hypercar with an iconic design

If the name ‘Czinger’ doesn’t sound familiar, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Based in Los Angeles, California, Czinger Vehicles is the company that showed its first and stunning creature with mysterious characteristics. The company plans to unveil its first hypercar, called the Czinger 21C, in a complete and official way at the next Geneva Motor Show, which will open its doors next month.

According to the company, the 21C will have an iconic design with in-line seat configuration, with the driver and one passenger in the middle, one behind the other. This makes the car extremely slim, which, based on the preview video, is rich in carbon composites and parts built with a 3D printer.

The Czinger 21C looks quite interesting with its wide fenders and a gigantic rear wing made of carbon fiber. The rear light is wide enough to cover the entire rear section. It even has a rearview camera mounted just below the license plate would be. Other details that are worth pointing include the central locking wheels, the generous use of carbon fiber in the body, and a very aggressive diffuser.

Designed and developed in Los Angeles, the car will be equipped with a revolutionary technology that will guarantee “dominant performance.” It will receive “a powerful internally developed hybrid powertrain.”

Unfortunately, we know absolutely nothing about the specifications. “Czinger is the first of its kind to develop novel additive manufacturing technologies to devise a groundbreaking hypercar” this is what was stated in their first press release. For more details, we will have to wait until its release in the Geneva Motor Show.