Saturday, June 15, 2024

Cherry Audio recreates and updates PS-3300

In 1977, Korg announced its PS-3300 analog polyphonic. It had a semi-modular design featuring three complete polyphonic synthesizers. Each synthesizer had 12 divide-down oscillators and discrete VCFs, EGs, and VCAs for every note. However, the 1977 PS-3300 had only 50 units produced, and only the wealthiest musicians could own that synthesizer for its tremendous sound.

Virtual instrument and effects software company Cherry Audio has unveiled the PS-3300 Synthesizer, a virtual analog emulation of the Korg semi-modular analog polyphonic synthesizer.

The original PS-3300’s master panel included 

  • A signal mixer
  • Sample and hold
  • A general envelope generator
  • Modular jacks for advanced sound shaping and control

Now, in 2023, Cherry Audio, in collaboration with the Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project (EMEAPP), has recreated and updated this massive instrument, from its stacked sonics and signature multiple‑resonator sweeps to the considerable patching capabilities that distinguished the PS-3300 from all other polysynths of the era.

EMEAPP is an independent non-profit organization and curator of a privately held curation of rare vintage electronic instruments and stage-used gear.

The Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project (EMEAPP) allowed Cherry Audio access to his exemplary vintage PS-3300, celebrating this significant part of the synthesizer’s history.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring this genuinely unique instrument back to life and to raise awareness of EMEAPP,” said Cherry Audio CTO Dan Goldstein. “It’s a great opportunity to spotlight both the place of the PS-3300 in synthesizer history and EMEAPP’s goals of preservation and education.”

“EMEAPP is proud to have been involved in another Cherry Audio project,” added Drew Raison, the Executive Director of EMEAPP. “It is our honor to help bring this rare and dynamic instrument to the masses. Being regular users of our original PS-3300, we must admit that the new Cherry Audio version blows us away! We hope that this is the next of many projects with the good people of Cherry Audio”.

Cherry Audio’s PS-3300 virtual instrument replicates the functionality and sonic characteristics of the original three signal generator panels, essentially three fully polyphonic synthesizers contained within each,

  • Six-waveform oscillators
  • Two modulation generators (LFOs)
  • Dynamic lowpass filters, envelopes, and amps
  • Distinguishing triple-peak resonators
  • Independent per-note “temperament” tuning knobs
  • Patchable jacks (with virtual cables) for signal routing

Cherry Audio has updated its features for the modern studio environment, including PS- or MS-style filter options, tempo sync, in-panel copy-paste, and temperament tuning presets.

Cherry Audio has expanded this department with continuously variable CV controls for level, per-channel panning, bend range, and studio-quality integrated chorus, delay, and reverb effects. 

With additional touches, including Cherry Audio’s exclusive Focus Zoom-In feature, unlimited cables and multiples per jack, and versatile MIDI mapping, Cherry Audio’s PS-3300 will satisfy vintage synth enthusiasts and modern music producers.

The PS-3300 includes over 360 professionally designed presets by sound designers James Terris, INHALT, and Drew Schlesinger, including a legacy collection of patches outlined in the original PS-3300 owner’s manual.

More sounds are available in James Dyson’s Resonance Preset Pack, which has 100 additional presets showcasing the PS-3300’s amazing and otherworldly tones.

Cherry Audio PS-3300 Synthesizer is available at the price of $49 on their official website.