Boslla RGB, super bright LED Headlight Bulb with gradient Daytime Running Light

To help millions of car owners drive safely around the world, Boslla has developed “Boslla RGB” headlight, which according to the company, is the world’s brightest LED headlight with RGB daytime running light function.

BOSLLA RGB has both headlight and DRL functionality, which distinguishes it from conventional halogen, xenon, and LED lamps – all these are headlights only. Simply switch OFF and ON to change between Headlight Mode and DRL mode. Thanks to the use of RGB LEDs, it is possible to choose the color of the car headlights.

BOSLLA RGB adopts RGB patent design,
BOSLLA RGB adopts RGB patent design

The headlights come with up-to-40W high-brightness illumination, which reportedly allows you to get light three times brighter than that of the halogen bulb and twice than the HID. At the same time, the developers did not forget that the headlights should not dazzle oncoming vehicles.

The lamp has an active liquid-cooling system, intelligent control unit, patented design; all these make BOSLLA RGB smarter and steadier. Besides, the headlight can withstand extreme conditions and comes with an IP67 waterproof rating. This plug and play device takes only 10 minutes to install and has 50000 hours of lifespan.

It enables driver easier to be identified in rainy, foggy and snowy days.
It enables drivers to be easily identified in rainy, foggy and snowy days.

Boslla RGB headlights enable drivers to cope with all kinds of weather and easier to be identified in rainy, foggy, and snowy days.

The company has launched a fundraising campaign on the Kickstarter, where it has successfully met the crowdfunding goal in just a few hours.


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