Wednesday, December 6, 2023

BoomBit: Music player for Micro:Bit

In this era of computers, Micro: Bit is something that excites the young kids. We have been using Micro: Bit for several projects that help us to understand this controller’s features and functions.

Individuals choose to program with Micro: Bit but they may be missing out on a sound. Here, the SB Components Ltd has introduced ‘BoomBit’. It is a speaker for your Micro: Bit.

You can now personalize your music along with learning to program. This tool enables you to compose music or create your own music player. It is a complete wireless tool simply can be screwed onto the 3 pins of the micro: bit board (GND, 0, and 3v). It will then turn out to be the compact stereo system.


Besides, you can also make the LED’s glow and blink based on the audio. The Micro: Bit provides an exceptional scope for the sound and music capabilities. Here, the volume of the sound is also adjustable.

Its unique features are as, in-built speaker and headphone support, volume controlled, easy connections, and it is easily programmable. You can control the volume by using a volume knob. It has a 3.5 mm audio jack port that lets you plug in your earphones and an audio switch mode.

However, you can switch between the modes from earphone to the speaker. It comes with Nuts, BoomBit, Stand off, and MicroBit.