Thursday, April 18, 2024

Airobotics, ShotSpotter partner to deploy gunshot detection tech in Israel

Airobotics, an Israeli manufacturer of autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and aerial data systems, has partnered with the American company ShotSpotter to sell and deploy its gunshot detection technology in Israel.

Airobotics will offer an integrated solution for detecting, locating, and alerting police to gunfire incidents while providing live video footage and stills of the crime scene from UAVs in Israeli urban areas. Outdoor gunfire will be located by ShotSpotter’s network of acoustic sensors with precise coordinates communicated in real-time to Airobotics UAVs that will immediately fly to the scene providing critical visual information to first responders that are in route.

ShotSpotter system is already in active use in more than 120 cities in the US, South Africa, and the Caribbean. The system analyses loud, impulsive sounds detected by its acoustic sensors using a combination of artificial intelligence and human review to locate the sounds and determine if they are gunshots with a high degree of accuracy. The entire process from trigger pull to published alert takes place in less than 60 seconds.

Airobotics has developed an autonomous UAV system capable of performing missions 24/7 without human intervention. Unlike other UAVs on the market today, Airobotics’ UAVs can take off and return to a dedicated docking station, replacing batteries and sensors and take off again, even in harsh environmental conditions, and all without human intervention.

“ShotSpotter is excited to partner with Airobotics to develop a new market and help Israeli law enforcement respond more quickly and precisely to incidents of gunfire,” said Ralph A. Clark, President, and CEO of ShotSpotter. “Every second counts, and our alerts combined with Airobotics ‘eyes in the sky’ increase the likelihood of locating a victim and saving their life, finding critical evidence and more proactively addressing gun violence in Israel.”