Saturday, March 23, 2019

Zygo: first wireless headset for streaming audio underwater

When I was a kid, I always find swimming is a fun, entertaining, carefree and a cool way to stay stress-free. But as I got older, I started thinking exactly opposite that swimming is boring, stressful and more.

I think, most of us share the same thought that it would be great if we can hear audio enjoy music underwater, that our MP3 players, earphones should be waterproof.

And here comes ‘Zygo’, the first wireless headset for streaming audio underwater. It enables you to stream any content as well as real-time one-way communication while you swim.

It is compatible with any smart device that will change the way you experience the water.

It is designed a such a way that its one size fits all with an internal gripping mechanism that adjusts to your head. Headset fits securely to withstand a flip turn but won’t feel heavy on your head.

Its compact and ergonomic design makes it feel light on your head.

Zygo comes with a headset, transmitter, and charging case.  A micro USB cable is provided with it, just plug the case using that USB to any outlets and charge both units simultaneously.

Let’s discuss its features:

Stream audio underwater: Zygo allows high-quality streaming audio with any phone or audio source. Stream music, podcasts, audiobooks or live coaching underwater from any smart device.

Bone conduction technology: It uses bone conduction technology which means it transmits audio through vibrations instead of earbuds and leaves ears open for more comfort and safety.

Zygo: Bone conduction technology
Zygo: Bone conduction technology

Completely wireless: Equipped with radio frequency and Bluetooth pairing functionality, the headset, and transmitter are both core-free.

Zygo: wireless headset
Zygo: wireless headset

Range: Transmitter broadcast high-quality audio up to 2 feet below the surface at a distance of at least 50m. while the exact range depends on how deep you are and the type of water like salty or fresh. Above the water – for activities like standup paddle boarding and windsurfing – the range is up to half a mile.

Battery life: In a single charge headset lasts 4 hours and transmitter lasts 8 hours.

Live one-way communication: The transmitter stays on land with your phone and streams its audio to the headset for real-time one-way communication. The handheld transmitter doubles as a walkie-talkie with a built-in push-to-talk mic that allows anyone to reach you, maybe it is for live coaching or for a safety alert.

Zygo: one-way communication
Zygo: one-way communication

Zygo App:

The Zygo app comes with pre-recorded workouts to simulate live coaching sessions. You can enhance your favorite activities with structured training and upbeat music. Installing this app in your smartphone will get you instant access to a growing library in which the contents are designed for swimming. You can get training from the different personalities across the sports.

Also, you have the freedom to choose a higher or lower intensity workout according to your level of performance.

Zygo: complete structure
Zygo: complete structure

Zygo is not just for swimming. It can enhance other water sports such as Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Surfing, Stand-up paddle boarding, and more.

It is a versatile solution for all these outdoor activities. It can be worn easily with sunglasses, swim cap and under a hat.

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