Saturday, April 13, 2024

Zumi: Make AI learning a fun

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, whether you use Amazon Alexa, own a Tesla, play mobile games, or use Google Maps. Learning how AI works and its coding will soon become an essential skill in the work platform.

Meet Zumi, with which the Robolink company has found a way to make something approachable which is normally complicated.

Zumi is the first educational self-driving car kit that will teach you about the concept of the exciting world of artificial intelligence and self-driving car technology in a fun and engaging way. Even kids can also learn AI in an easy way through her.

Inventors have provided a user-friendly step-by-step tutorial so that anyone will be able to train it effortlessly.

Yes, you can make Zumi learn! You can instruct her how to navigate through a miniature map in less than an hour. The more she learns about the environment, the better she will get.

Zumi: self-driving AI car
Zumi: self-driving AI car

You can program Zumi to calculate an excellent route to reach the destination. Also, can train her to identify and make decisions accordingly.

Additionally, you can program her to recognize hand gestures and follow your instructions. Moreover, you can teach her to recognize your friends and family.

Zumi: face recognition
Zumi: face recognition

People of any age, from kids to older ones, can learn about AI topics while playing with Zumi. You can learn important topics of AI such as Basic Robotics, Mapping and Navigation, Machine Vision, Python, Machine learning, Self-driving car decision-making, and more.

Zumi is equipped with industry-standard tools used by self-driving car engineers, such as Tensor Flow and Open CV, which will help you train your drive autonomously in a given environment.

With your trained data Zumi can make decisions; you don’t have to be a skilled programmer for that.

Zumi has something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an advanced coder. She is easy to pick up and start learning with. Beginners can use web-based IDE to write code for Zumi using block-based coding and Python, with just a standard browser and no special setup.

Besides, the skilled coders can write their own TensorFlow and Keras code to craft their unique self-driving car experiments and architect their own neural networks to train Zumi to classify objects and recognize gestures.

Her expressions and behaviors are adorable. You will never get bored while playing with her. Even if you have no experience with robotics, you will find interacting with Zumi an entertaining educational experience.

She evolves as you learn and interacts with you along the way with friendly encouragement.

Zumi: self-driving AI car
Zumi: self-driving AI car

Zumi is a tiny self-driving car anyone can play with. She is featured with many affordable technologies familiar to the open-source community to bring everything that will be needed while learning AI. She won’t break the bank.