Monday, December 4, 2023

ZombiesCat: The world’s first dual-headed smart toothbrush

Undoubtedly your smile is the precious thing you have to make your world bright. But merely dental plaque enforces you to hide your smile then you should look after it promptly. No need to see a doctor or adopt any remedies just change your toothbrush. Simply, try this ZombiesCat Smart Electric Toothbrush with dual-head to fight back all types of residues on your teeth.

A team of engineers, dental professionals, designers, technicians, and other enthusiasts together have designed this smart toothbrush.

It is the world’s smartest toothbrush to clean your teeth six times faster than your regular toothbrush. ZombiesCat dual-headed smart electric toothbrush houses patented, innovative dental technology to make teeth pearly-white in just 30 seconds.

The average American spends 38.5 days of their life brushing their teeth. And yet, they still miss 40% of their teeth’s surface area, increasing their likelihood for cavities, decay, gum disease, and periodontal disease.

Regular plastic toothbrush removes bacteria and plaque to some limit. However, ZombiesCat is designed with dual-head and 360 degrees of rotation to clean missed 40 percent of the teeth’s surface area. This will help people to ward off cavities, decay, gum, disease, and periodontal disease.

‘Besides eliminating 100 percent of plaque, this smart toothbrush guide you through precise cleansing using the dentist-approved Bass Brushing Technique.’

ZombiesCat Bristles
ZombiesCat Bristles

Do not get trapped on the fancy designs of the toothbrush. Get along with ZombiesCat since it uses USA-made Dupont Rounded-Tip Soft Occlusive Bristles. It carefully eliminates the plaque without actually damaging your enamel with amazing bristle quality.

When you brush your teeth using hard bristles then you may damage your gums, enamel and root surface of your teeth. Contrary, if you use extra soft bristles will have to face bacteria and plaque problems. Likewise, brushing too fast or too slow also not recommended.

A team explained, “We chose to use durable but gentle high-quality POM material set at an optimal 75-degree angle, perfect for a powerful clean without damaging the teeth and gums beneath.”

It also equipped two brushing modes; cleaning mode and sensitive mode. It is to take care gently of every mouth.

Its name and design may remind you of a monster. To keep your hygiene on track it comes with its own Monstrous Buddy. ZombiesCat features intuitive design to keep your toothbrush body comfortable, wear and tear free.

Additionally, ZombiesCat features an amazing battery life of one month on a single full charge. It comes with the Wireless Induction Charging Base to charge your toothbrush seamlessly. Also, it is 100 percent IPX7 Waterproof enable you to clean it under the tap.

The complete kit of ZombiesCat includes stunning collector’s box, ergonomic handle, 2 patented dual head attachments, wireless induction charging base, ZombiesCat owner guide, and Monstrous Buddy.

ZombiesCat Accessories
ZombiesCat Accessories

Its dimensions are as 33mm x 210mm and rotational speed is 180 r/min. This smart toothbrush equipped 600mAh which requires four hours to full charge. Its battery life is 60 minutes which is one month of recommended brushing. Other specifications are;

  • Colors: Raging Red / Blackout
  • Power: 2W
  • Rated Input: 5.0V AC
  • Rated Output: 3.7V AC

The world’s first dual-headed smart electric toothbrush designed perfectly to take care of 100 percent of your dental hygiene. It is designed ergonomically, comfortable and hard enough to sustain every kind of use.