Friday, April 19, 2024

ZenBoard: The electric skateboard, reinvented

When there are several skateboards have blown the market with their revolutionary technologies, ‘ZenBoard’ is reinventing the experience. Talented engineers and designers have invested their knowledge and creativity to introduce a revolutionary new way to ride. It features hands-free control, a minimalist design, and an unparallel ride experience.

ZenBoard is a new lightweight electric skateboard that needs no expertise to enjoy riding. The board is involuntary and takes hardly a minute to master. It is ultra-safe with its incredible internal tech; no remote is needed to operate.

This skateboard featured a proprietary weight sensing control system. Which, of course, is better than the other traditional remotes in every way. Two years of research and development resulted in a magical control system called FlowControl.

FlowControl™ technology combines hidden sensors and intelligent algorithms to gauge weight distribution thousands of times a second, which empowers it to respond promptly to changes in your balance and lower the risk of falling. Besides, it houses an intelligent braking system that stops the board when stepping off.

It is easy to carry and operate through just your weight balance. It is simple to ride; just lean forward to accelerate and lean back to brake. It comes with four riding modes that can be accessed using a button on the deck. The first mode is the BEGINNER, perfect for learning the ropes. “Use this mode for easy cruising and subdued acceleration and braking.”

Second is the ECO; use when you need maximum range. The third is the PRO; it is recommended for the best balance and should be chosen if you have any expertise. The last one is the ULTRA mode, it is recommended for experienced riders.

In addition to, a team of ZenBoard has integrated powerful Cree™ LEDs into both the front and tail of the board. It put over 300 lumens to enable you to see in low light conditions. Eventually, it ensures your safety during night riding.

ZenBoard is made of ultra-durable carbon-fiber-reinforced nylon, titanium, and alloy tool steel with a protective coating on it. Its one-piece construction provides a sleek, waterproof exterior that houses a battery and other electronic accessories.

It is designed perfectly to fit a huge 225Wh battery pack into a 17mm thick board. Though it is lightweight and sleek does not compromise on strength. It weighs only 13.2 lbs/6kg and has a speed of 25mph/40kmp. Its charge time is just 90 minutes, and the range is 22 miles/35km.

ZenBoard Gearbox
ZenBoard Gearbox

To combat the traditional issues found in skateboards, such as the external belt-driven motors are bulky and require regular maintenance; however, these in-wheel motors don’t have the torque required for effective hill-climbing and braking.

They invented this new ArcDrive, “A gear-assisted, in-wheel motor system like nothing else currently available. It uses a planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 3:1 inside the wheel for triple the torque of standard in-wheel motors.”

Every Zenboard features dual ArcDrive™ motors in the rear wheels. It gives over 3 horsepower to enhance your performance. It empowers the skateboard to coast up to 30 percent hills with ease.

ZenBoard Technical Specifications
ZenBoard Technical Specifications

Its premium Lithium-Iron-Phosphate cells give maximum power, faster charging, and a 1500 charge cycles lifespan. You can ride around 30,000 miles with ZenBoard. No worries if wheels get worn out because you can replace them in just 30 seconds.

ZenBoard is the revolutionary new way to ride skateboards with attractive design, hands-free control, and unbeatable performance. Its kit includes a personal electric vehicle, universal fast charger, service kit, and ZenBoard sticker pack.