Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Zeltini Z-Triton Houseboat Trike allows you to travel both land and water

What do tricycle, a boat, and a caravan have in common? The feeling of escape and freedom they provide. The idea of bringing the three together in a single multifunction vehicle is as crazy as it is exciting.

This is the challenge taken by Zeltini, a Latvian-based studio, specializing in design products and projects. Recently, this studio introduced the Z-Triton with a design that combines all the aforementioned vehicle capabilities and can be used both on land and water. It is both a means of transportation and a small, two-person mobile home that can provide comfort on the road.

The amphibious E-Tricycle is equipped with two 250W electric motors to support underwater movement and an external electric motor to support the terrestrial movement. This 3.6 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, and the 1.55-meter high vehicle has a big front wheel, two smaller rear wheels, a trellis frame in the front, and the overall shape is not too different from conventional trailers. However, on that frame, Zeltini built a wooden cabin, with the roof sliding on the floor.

The vehicle is designed long enough for two short stature people inside.
The vehicle is designed long enough for two short stature people inside. Credit: Zeltini

When traveling on land, the wheels can be latched to form a 3-wheel vehicle. Once in the water, the wheels are flipped over, the buoy pops out, and the boathouse can float on the water.

The final test version is still in the final stage (90% done), so it is unclear the total weight and a load of this hybrid vehicle. Details of Z-Triton’s range and maximum speed have not been determined. The Latvian studio will release more info on Z-Triton’s availability and price soon.