YSMART: The world’s smallest EDC flashlight

London based design workshop has devised a light called ‘YSMART’. It is the world’s smallest, lightest, and user-friendly light like never before. It provides light when you need the most.

YSMART is beautifully designed with a magnetic base and of smallest size to even attach it to your keys. It is made of machined and anodized Aluminum. Its Magnetic Base would be an excellent choice for hands-free use. This light can be attached to any metal surfaces with this Magnetic Base.

When you go out on adventures there would be wet-surprises waiting for you. If you go to the beach or caught in a tropical downpour you will need it the most because it is waterproof. If you are a sports enthusiast and wear a jacket, or carry bag and keys, you can attach it to anything.

This small but functional stuff is lightweight and possesses many features. Therefore, it becomes the best option over other flashlights on the market.

YSMART is devised with an SMD LED. These are smaller and surface mountable. SMDs have a wider beam angle of 1200. Which even exceeds most halogen bulbs. Besides, new SMD spotlights offer a higher lumen output for a lower energy consumption. So, they became more powerful and energy efficient than older LED lights.

It is easy to use with its quick 90-degree rotation that is spring-locked for secure ON/OFF operation.

YSMART Specifications
YSMART Specifications

About SMD LEDs lifespan, then it is impressive. Standard GU10 LED bulbs to last up to 30,000 hours, however, SMD LEDs last up to 50,000 hours. It simply means if you use this light even for 8 hours per day still you can effectively use it for over 17 years.

Made of Titanium or Aluminum body, super light, and super bright YSMART flashlight is the world’s smallest EDC flashlight. It devised with a magnetic base which enables you to use it on any metal surfaces. It ultra-light and waterproof. Overall, it is a light when you need it the most.


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