Saturday, April 13, 2024

Yanu: A robotic bartender at the airport

What if your most-liked martini would be served by a robot? And also in the same proportion you wished it should be. Yes, this is coming true since the company Robolab has devised a robot to serve as a bartender. They named this project “Yanu”.

The machine has the capacity to make 100 to 150 drinks per hour. Also, it can prepare up to 2000 drinks or cocktails in a single load. Yanu is said to be the future of bartending. It is not a machine, it is a sophisticated bartender from the future.

Alan Asojjaan, CEO of Robolab, said, “Our robot called Yanu has soul, has a personality that is run by artificial intelligence.”

“The robot communicates with you, gives suggestions, and even cracks jokes.”

Yanu has a soul and personality devised by AI. It communicates like a bartender. It is friendly and comfortable to use. Yanu will be very advanced with its exceptional combination of design and robotics. It will use the state-of-the-art technology in robotics.

This robotic bartender is powered by ROS (Robot Operating System) which helps to integrate the latest technology. It is in terms of motion planning and other electronic components.

Amazing Features

  • Takes the orders like a human bartender
  • Cracks joke to make atmosphere friendly
  • Gives suggestions like a gentlemen
  • It is a combination of design and robotics (powered by ROS)
  • It will use the state of art technology in robotics

Therefore, it is expected Yanu will pave the way to other services robotic solutions.