Friday, April 19, 2024

XPeng introduces its first ridable robot unicorn for kids

The Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng presented, through its robotics division, a video of its computerized model of the Robot Unicorn, its first robot unicorn meant for children to ride. The four-legged robot pony not only can be ridden just like a real one but is even able to interact in a clever way.

The new quadruped robot blurs the gap between robots and autonomous vehicles for kids. The robot unicorn uses a series of artificial intelligence technologies” that will allow it to move autonomously. The robot will take advantage of Xpeng’s experiences with autonomous driving and other AI tasks to navigate multiple terrain types, recognize objects, and provide emotional interaction.

XPeng Robotic Unicorn has the ability to respond not just to a person’s voice and facial expressions but even to body language and tactile sensations, which sounds pretty impressive. In addition to visually aided motion control and intelligent navigation, this adorable four-legged creature is equipped with target detection features.

There are no words on most other details, although the design looks and trots like a cuter, more kid-friendly version of Spot, the yellow dog created by Boston Dynamics.

Also, the company has not released a tentative date for the start of production or the possible cost of its robotic horse-with-a-horn. However, XPeng hopes that this device will become the future of robotic mobility.

Robotic representations of animals aren’t new; Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot is the most famous example of it. Since its launch last year, the friendly-looking dog has delighted fans around the world with his abilities, such as dancing or picking up stuff off the floor. It was also tested in military exercises.