Friday, April 19, 2024

XMERA: Retro cafe racer hybrid e-bike with body tracking sensors

Every bicycle, pedal-assist, is a workout machine that helps you increase the mobility of the joints like knees, shoulder, arm, legs, etc.

New XMERA Bionic Bike, developed by the Romanian bike company Pegas, is no exception, but it is different from all the other conventional pedal electric cycles. It is the first bionic e-bike that uses body sensors to track your heart rate and overall health. A true combination of a bicycle, motorcycle, and workout machine enables you to track your progress, calories burned, and mileage.

The company is offering two models on its campaign site – a 750 W model with a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and a 250 W model which makes 16 mph (26 km/h). Each XMERA Bike comes fitted with a battery that offers between 37 miles (60 km) and 124 miles (200 km), with the ability to swap out the battery for a backup battery to go farther. The battery life range depends on the rider’s weight and the e-bike’s configuration.

XMERA is equipped with Bafang hub motors, giving two options – either one motor on the back wheel or two motors (back and front wheel) for increased torque and power.


The team has developed a new technology and integrated a BPM (beats per minute) sensor with the e-bike controller (computer of the e-bike) to control the motor’s assistance based on your body’s condition and help you achieve your workout routine.

This feature allows the user to set their desired BPM rate and maintain it throughout their ride, according to their individual exercise needs – which gives the user a similar cardio training experience that is performed in a gym setting.

XMERA is further assisted by the mobile application, which can retrieve biometric data from the sensor on the handlebars and the bracelet or smartwatch. Users can evaluate this data, which pertains to their activity progress, calories burned, routes, and achieved goals, at any given time and adjust their workouts accordingly.

Moreover, the Retro cafe racer hybrid e-bike has built-in advanced IOT tracking technology that provides real-time notifications in the event the bike is misused or stolen. The bike can also deploy text messages or make calls to an emergency contact in case of an accident.

It comes with extra-long, comfortable saddles that easily accommodate two riders and feature extra room for luggage and an optional rear deposit box.

Despite offering motorcycle performances and utility, the driver’s license is not required to ride the XMERA bike, and it will be easily accessible to consumers after a large-scale production.

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